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Two classic cuvées presented in PET 'glasses'

Grand Cru Classé Côtes de Provence Château Roubine has gone on sale in the UK on-trade in foil-sealed 175ml PET single serve ready-to-drink glasses manfactured by 1/4 Vin.

Both red and white wines of the Classique Chateau Roubine are currently available at the Sketch Pierre Gagnaire pop-up café at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in ‘One Glass Wine’ containers. UK agent Eminent Wines is also looking to place them in other outlets serving, for example, high end lunch boxes, airport and train lounges etc.

Chateau Roubine has chosen the packaging in order to be part of the academy’s Earth exhibition, which emphasises sustainable development and climate change.

For the past 15 years, Château Roubine has committed itself to the protection of the environment from its vine to its cellar. The investments made in the most advanced equipment and technology have paid off as the domain was the first in the region to be awarded Integrated Farming Certification in 2008

The One Glass Wine also contributes to the environment by being lightweight and 100% recyclable. The thermo sealing process preserves of the flavours in the wine for many months and maintains the roundness and elegance of the tannins.

“We are happy to be back in the UK market with such a great product and we hope that consumers will be happy to discover or re discover our wines,” comments Valérie Rouselle - Riboud, Château Roubine owner.





The shape of the PET glass was designed especially for Chateau Roubine with personalised marking.

The concept is based upon the use of a heat-sealing aluminium compound to seal the specially treated glasses in a low-pressure, inert atmosphere (less than 1% of residual oxygen)

The product is totally airtight and protected from the outside environment. The seal is easy to peel and leaves a clean lip.

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